About Change Making Change

Change Making Change is founded on a belief that many people giving small amounts of money can do as much good as a few people giving a lot of money. And the money is there.

According to the coin counting experts at Coinstar, there is as much as 10 billion dollars of change out of circulation, sitting in car ash trays, purses, cookie jars and every other kind of receptacle under the sun. Not millions of dollars. Billions. Out of sight, out of mind.

Imagine: turn just 1% of that into help for children. That’s 100 million dollars. A lot of help for a lot of children who need it.

On top of that, according to research conducted by the Pew Organization, parents overwhelming agree that teaching children about donating and involving them in philanthropic activities helps them become better adults and citizens. The same parents report that their children aren’t as involved in the philanthropic realm as they’d like them to be.

So here is what we’re up to: We want to help raise a generation of children who learn the joy of giving regularly, making it a normal part of their everyday life. So when they grow up, their desire to better the world around them will be manifested in all kinds of wonderful and important ways.

And we want to engage those children to help organizations on the front lines working to make a change for children around the world. We will enable them to raise money for those organizations that would otherwise not be raised by tapping forms of giving that are for the most part overlooked and underdeveloped.